John Holland: State Highway 1, Kaitaia.

The 1st time we used The Old Seaweed Hurryup we did a trial against a very popular liquid fert we had been using - We now apply The Old Seaweed Hurryup (3x per year) & have had to up our stock numbers to cater for all our grass!

The Old Seaweed Hurryup has promoted a heap of clover & we have never planted clover- yet it's everywhere!

Our stock are a lot healthier than they ever were & our ewes lambed at 175%. The last time we sold stock at Kaikohe Sale (during the drought), we made 20cents a kilo more than any other stock across both lines of Steers & Heifers, I believe this was because our stock were carrying plenty of condition while others were not. I swear by THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP!

Russell Wagner, Pukenui, Far North.

In 2016, we got approximately 240 bales, after one application of SEAWEED HURRYUP, we got 510 bales of hay, from the same paddock. I'll be giving it another go this year!

Roger Sloane, Kaitaia.

After using The SEAWEED HURRYUP everything turned dark green within a few weeks & it promoted a heap of rye & clover-even in places that hadn't had fert on before! Over the drought the grass never browned off & when the rain came it kept up with neighbouring properties, who had applied costly ferts!

Justin Blaikie MSc Botany, Waimate North.

I sprayed my paddocks, vege garden and fruit trees with Seaweed Solution on my property in late spring of 2012. I received very little fungal damage to my potato and onion crop despite there being a very wet spell over the Xmas period. Also the storage quality of my veges was greatly improved, as this application was the only thing I had done different I have to put it down to the effect the seaweed solution had on the health of my plants. Below ground though was where the magic works, the alginates in the seaweed bind soil aggregates together to improve soil structure, which leads to improved drainage, water infiltration and root penetration.

This product works really well alongside basic organic principles in that it promotes fungal activity which also improves the soil structure and nutrient availability to plants. Perhaps my favourite aspect of seaweed solutions is that it is sustainable in that it pulls a fall spectrum of trace elements from the sea and returns them to the land for the benefit of my livestock and families health. I rest peacefully at night knowing I am supporting soil health and not buying into acid-soil pro-ducing fertilizers and fungicides that ultimately destroy the biology of your soil and its nutrient holding capacity (CEC). The cow's milk we are producing from our jersey is amazing and I drink it with confidence knowing seaweed solutions is 100% behind a healthy solution to sustainable soil management.

Willy MacIntyre, MacIntyre Rd, Kawakawa.

I applied 1000 Ltrs of THE SEAWEED HURRYUP to my clay hills at a rate of 5 Ltrs per Ha. The response was awesome & real thick with red clover to the extent that my hills were out doing the flats! The difference is real noticeable & this year the flats will be getting it too! Animal drenching is non-existent now! A real cheap alternative to conventional fert-at a fraction of the price. I'm wrapped!

RW (Bob) Stephens, State H/Way 12, Taheke RD, Kaikohe.

We applied THE OLD SEAWEED HURRYUP on our front paddock. We have noticed that after stock have been taken out; the recovery of grass regrowth is a shorter time than other paddocks!

Ted Parsons: Hukerenui.

I have used The Old Seaweed Hurryup for several years now in many ways. My pasture growth speaks for itself - Red & white clover flourish & regrowth, even in drought conditions is phenomenal! Several hay & silage contractors have remarked how my pasture is the best they have seen. I drench my cattle with seaweed once as yearlings only.

Grazing seaweed fed pasture seems to maintain (once again even in the drought) their health & they thrive, showing great growth rate with shiny, thick coats. My garden & fruit trees have really improved especially the stone fruit trees, where we had curly leaf & bug problems; this year no sign of problems & an abundance of beautiful produce.

Mark & Michelle Hammond, Herekino.

We purchased 3000 Ltrs of THE SEAWEED HURRYUP & applied it at 5Ltrs per Ha in the Spring of 2009, 6 to 8 weeks after application & into the drought the feed held on & kept going right through, although our dams had dried up, our stock kept their condition & temperament was great! I believe the Seaweed - among other things, helped make nutrients available, which had previously been locked up & for us the addition of seaweed in conjunction with previous fertiliser plans was the key. Very Happy!