About Seaweed

Often we have to look at the past to find and relinquish clues that will help resolve todays problems. Modern man is beginning to rediscover the benefits of seaweed, which have been known for centuries. Indeed, seaweed was commonly used by the ancient Celtics, Greeks, Chinese, Vikings and Maori to enhance soil fertility and personal health, as well as health of their crops and animals.

Seaweed was commonly used until the 1960s era which gave birth to a barrage of synthetic compounds which now dominate agriculture; and the excessive use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides and insecticides have attributed to a slow death of our soils. Unfortunately 50 years on, we realise that many of these products have a death grip on agricultural practices. Although Hokianga seaweed has never been harvested for commercial application before its higher in alginates & nutrient levels than any other in the world.

Research in Russia found seaweed increased uptake of unavailable nutrients, while increasing utilisation of available nutrients. It also showed when adding seaweed products to reduced commercial fertiliser applications, it had no reduction in yield or quality of the crop. Because of Biocrikey's high vitamin, mineral & nutrient levels, the solution acts as the "Doctor" for plant, animal & man alike.

Product Analysis

Product Analysis

BIOCRIKEY - Organic Seaweed Solution will help unlock Nitrate already in the soil. It also puts micro & macro-nutrients back in the soil, promoting micro-organisms (Humus). These micro-organisms are responsible for turning unavailable Nitrates (Atmospheric Nitrogen) into plant absorbing Nitrates.

The plant will store the converted Nitrate in its roots, supplying it to the plant at its request, when it requires it. As only "Mother Nature" knows exactly how much Nitrate each individual plant requires.